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  • Throttle Shaft Extension Kit

    Linkage Fuel Line


    • Extends the 97 throttle shaft 3-3/4” for difficult linkage applications
    • Stainless steel construction resists twist
    • Support bracket ensures reliable linkage movement
    • PTFE-lined support bush for smooth throttle action
    • Perfect for Weiand WC4D (small block Chevy) & Edelbrock CD-694 (early Cadillac) intakes. Blower plates too!
    • Detailed instructions available at the Stromberg Tech Center

    Extending the Stromberg 97 throttle shaft for difficult linkage applications, this kit comes with a support bracket for reliable linkage operation. It's designed for narrow spaced 4x2 and 6x2 intakes where all of the carburetors must be linked on one side - like the Weiand WC4D, Edelbrock CD-694 and supercharger adapter plates.

    To resist twisting in operation (common with brass shafts), Stromberg extensions are high-grade stainless steel, with a larger diameter section extending as far up the shaft as possible. For improved looks, it covers the 97 throttle shaft bush. And for maximum security and alignment, it is fixed with a 3/32” roll pin (supplied) through the hand throttle mounting hole, standard on every 97 throttle shaft.

    The new shaft extension is long enough for up to 3-3/4” carb offset across the engine. And the stainless steel ‘trim-to-fit’ support bracket, with its PTFE-lined bush for smooth operation, accommodates up to 4-1/8” in-line offset between the two banks of carburetors – enough for all ‘known’ applications. Naturally, the kit works perfectly with other parts from the Genuine Stromberg range, allowing customers to complete their linkage with matching parts.

    Each kit comes with ‘quick-fit’ help in the pack, and full and detailed installation instructions are available via the Stromberg Tech Center at www.stromberg-97.com .