Specialty Parts for the Traditional Ford Enthusiast

What's the story?

AmericanBoyRacer.com is the official website of Freeman’s Garage. Who’s?? What?? Which, for you non-locals, is literally a back yard garage behind my home that has grown from a 12′ x 18′ shed to a more, but not too modern building, housing a lot of good stuff – cars, trucks, tools and parts. Over the years, from 1957, it assumed many faces – informal Model A + Hot Rod hang out. In 1968 I got “Up On Two Wheels” (Bob Greene, R.I.P.) as one of the area’s 1st hard core dirt bike dealers (Hodaka, Greeves, Montesa, etc.), in the off season repairing wrecked Volvos for sale (the shop had a dealer’s license) and keeping my day job – all, of course, before zoning came to town. I was lucky to have come of age when the land of the free… was free!

In the early 70’s while recovering from wrist surgeries (too much block sanding) and unable to dirt bike, I realized that ‘Street Rodding’ was the new ‘Hot Rodding’. I purchased the Ex Bob Tabor, 32 Roadster, joined the Boston Area Roadsters and was involved until Billet & Bling took over the scene.

I left the day job circa 1980, been here full time since. By late 1980’s I had cut back the modern salvage & towing (hey, it’s in my back yard!!). By the 1990’s was pretty much a Model A – early Ford sales & service operation.

So why AmericanBoyRacer.com? Over time many things change – sometimes for the better, sometimes not. One thing that is better for us is the quality of the parts we need and use – no, not “Crate motors” and power window set-ups, but the old stand-by parts that every boy racer wanted – and still does. An extra Stromberg carb for his V-8 or a special cylinder head for his four-banger and not just the glory parts, but also the traditional hardware, knick-knacks and knowledge to spread the gospel – so that boy racers out there can drive the lifestyle instead of just wearing it!


Since my first car my goal has been to do all the work on a project – that’s the way it was back when there were few rod or restoration shops around. I still encourage that. I can help your project with equipment and knowledge that YOU may not have.

I can assist you with most all repair needs.
Specializing in 'Traditional' FORD automobiles. I have the expertise and years of experience to assist you with your 'TRADITIONAL' Ford.

I very much look forward to your business!