Specialty Parts for the Traditional Ford Enthusiast
  • Cable Throttle Bracket

    Linkage Fuel Line


    • Mounts your hot rod cable throttle kit
    • Accepts auto-trans kickdown cable kits
    • Separate mount for traditional throttle return springs
    • All stainless steel
    • Comes with two Stromberg carb-to-manifold gaskets
    • Does not require extended intake manifold studs

    Securely mounted between the carburetor and intake manifold, our Cable Throttle Bracket positions the cable for optimum, bind-free ‘pull’ on Stromberg TwoStep linkages. Compatible with most readily available hot rod cable throttle kits (eg. Lokar).

    A fixing hole is also provided for the small extension bracket supplied with most hot rod auto-trans kickdown cable kits. And a separate side arm provides a mount for a traditional return spring. Again, the 'Lokar' type kits are recommended.

    Compatible with pretty much all Stromberg 97-based intake manifolds, though some Ford Flathead intakes need a remote fuel pump to work with cable throttle. On the following manifolds, this bracket will fit with a stock fuel pump:
    • Edelbrock 1103 2x2 Slingshot
    • Edelbrock 1109 3x2 for ’49-53 8BA engines
    • All Offenhauser intakes for ’49-53 8BA engines

    On all other Edelbrock and Offenhauser intakes for flathead Ford, the fuel pump position makes cable throttle systems impossible unless you switch to a remote fuel pump. On other brand intakes, we recommend you check before purchase.

    Note: This bracket lifts the rear carburetor, so on a 3x2 direct linkage the two front carbs may need packing with extra gaskets for perfect linkage alignment. On 2x2 direct or a 3x2 progressive linkages, this is not a problem. This kit does not require extended intake manifold studs. And two gaskets are supplied.

    Full installation instructions can be downloaded at the Stromberg Tech Center.