Specialty Parts for the Traditional Ford Enthusiast

Banjo fitting spacer- polished

Linkage Fuel Line


  • Spaces banjo out one inch from fuel inlet
  • Instant clearance for 3x2 progressive linkage
  • Proven Stromberg superseat seal into S-jet
  • Short wrench surfaces match banjo bolt
  • Fits single and double banjos
  • Machine polished stainless steel
  • Fits both regular and BIG 97s

If you want to use polished banjo fittings with your 3x2 progressive linkage, these beautiful, hand polished stainless steel spacers are exactly what you need. They move the fuel line out one inch from the fuel inlet providing instant clearance for the long centre progressive linkage arm. Our proven superseat end has the correct 18 degree seat for Stromberg inlet fittings (original or S-jet). And the short wrench surfaces match the bolt head on the banjo.
Please note: For more pictures of how we use this part, click on 9086K. Polished banjos are also available.