Specialty Parts for the Traditional Ford Enthusiast
  • Snapback return spring x 2

    Linkage Fuel Line


    • Stainless Steel throttle return spring
    • Snaps throttle back
    • Chemical backing makes spring all but disappear
    • Two per kit
    • Fits 9090K and 9091K and other small lever arms
    • Standard with our TwoStep linkage kits

    Our new stainless steel 'Snapbackā€™ throttle return springs wrap around the end of the Stromberg throttle shaft and hook onto your linkage lever arm to snap your carburetors shut. Easy to install, they fit our 9090K and 9091K kits, and other carb lever arms. They're chemically blacked too, so they all but disappear from view. They're standard fitment with all Genuine Stromberg TwoStep linkage kits.