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Single Downdraft Manifold


        Brand new, exact copy - cast in 356 - T6 heat treated aluminum, shot peeled to relieve stress and allow easy cleaning. This manifold sets the carburetor low enough so that no fuel pump is required to use the total amount of fuel that the tank holds.   This manifold also has a heat plate to allow for fast warmup and smooth running, the smoothly curved runners allow the fuel /air mixture to travel without directional interruption through improved openings  matched to model A sized  ports. The manifold ports are easily enlarged and matched to model B sized ports, so that on either engine you get the most efficient air flow of  any manifold available today .  *Drilled for throttle linkage and vacuum line.  

Although this manifold was designed for 1928-34 ford 4 cylinder engines using stock or high compression heads it can also be used on some overhead valve conversion heads such as the Ambler, Riley 2 port, Miller/Cragar style heads as well as some lesser known models.