Specialty Parts for the Traditional Ford Enthusiast

Model B side cover


Both Model A and Model B  side covers are now available. These were copied  from originals using computer and 3-D modeling methods  as  was used to reproduce  the manifolds. These covers are cast using an aluminum  match plate generated from a 3-D printed master. The use of a metal match plate makes pattern wear  negligible and allows  consistent results with long term use.  Fully machined gasket surface for perfect seal , drilled and spotfaced like originals and each is test fitted  for ease of installation

Original design, cast thick for engines converted to higher oil pressure lubrication, comes with  3 cast in bosses  to ease oil line and gauge installations. Works fine on stock engines too. Cast in 319 aluminum and shot peened . All covers have a  fully  machined gasket surface for an oil tight  seal , and are drilled , spotfaced, and test fitted .A beautiful cover --- be the first on your block to have one!!!