Specialty Parts for the Traditional Ford Enthusiast
  • Long lever with swivel

    Linkage Fuel Line


    • Modern H-beam section
    • Countersunk clamping screw with real grip!
    • Swivel and set screw included
    • Three top adjustment/connecting holes

    Designed to match the shorter Superlink lever arms, this longer version also comes with a swivel and clamping screws (click more for further details).

    Like its shorter partners, 9096K is also zinc die-cast with a modern H-beam section for high strength without excess weight. The countersunk stainless steel screw matches those on the carburetor and threads directly into the arm for serious grip. And the stainless steel swivel is secured by a small e-clip, with a 3/16th diameter cross hole for the linkage rod and a black knurled-tip set screw. There are three adjustment/connecting holes in this lever so you can move the swivel to change your linkage leverage and pedal/throttle response.

    These arms are the foundation of all our 3×2 TwoStep progressive linkages, of course. But they can also be added to your 4×2 or 6×2 Stromberg Back-bar kit. We always recommend a mechanical pedal link for all multi-carb linkage systems, so if the long levers working the two banks of carburetors don’t line up with your existing pedal link, an extra 9096K can be threaded onto the Back-bar shaft and positioned to align perfectly with your throttle pedal ‘pull’ point.