Specialty Parts for the Traditional Ford Enthusiast
  • Stromberg 97 with Vacuum Port

    • Built to original Stromberg blueprint specification, with key improvements.
    • Black lacquer cast iron base with specially developed 'ported vacuum' fitting.
    • Factory set brass float, made in USA on original dies.
    • Reinforced airhorn lid helps eliminates leaks
    • Twin-ball S-jet inlet valve
    • High tech cellulose/nitrile gaskets
    • 162cfm out of the box
    • Stock original (sea level) Stromberg jetting
    • Not compatible with the 1949-53 Ford flathead Loadamatic distributor
    • A compatible distributor will only need vacuum from one carburetor

    Available only from Stromberg Carburetor Official Dealers. A brand new carburetor with Stromberg on one side. A big 97 on the other. And on this model, a specially developed fitting to provide 'ported vacuum' for your modern vacuum advance distributor.

    Please note: 'Ported vacuum' is taken from just above the throttle plate and therefore provides no additional advance at idle or higher revs - only at light load/part throttle conditions (cruising). Please check your distributor specification. Simple ported vacuum is not compatible with distributors designed and tuned to work with manifold vacuum. And not with the 1949-53 Ford flathead Loadamatic distributor, which has no static mechanical advance and needs a special, compatible carburetor.

    In our part throttle/light load dyno tests, we set the RPM at 1800 and locked the throttle position with the vacuum advance disconnected. Connecting it raised the RPM to 2000 and the torque by 3 to 4ft-lbs. The exhaust sound changed considerably, making it obvious that the engine appreciated the extra timing, and throttle response was noticeably better.

    The ported vacuum 97 base is also available separately if you already have a suitable Stromberg 97. See part No. 9514-VP, under Service & Restoration parts.

    Here are the highlights:
    • Super-accurate pressure die-castings from new dies, CNC-machined for a blue-print parts fit. So no oversize screw threads. No mystery parts from previous rebuilds. No problems.
    • An early style cast iron base with stock size - not second-best oversize - throttle shaft. Parkerized and black lacquered just like they used to be.
    • Brass ported vacuum fitting hidden in behind the kicker linkage can be blanked off and plugged with set screw provided.
    • A reinforced air horn casting with extra material around the float bowl lid to eliminate warping and leaks.
    • Stock original (sea level) Stromberg jetting – 0.045 main jets and a Number 65 power valve.
    • 162cfm out of the box (independently verified) measured at 1.5inch Hg (same as they measure 4-bbl carbs).
    • A new brass float, made in USA on original Stromberg dies.
    • A specially developed S-Jet twin-ball inlet valve.
    • Modern, high-tech, reinforced gaskets. Sorry, no leaks.
    • Stainless steel linkage throughout. Who needs rust? Not us. Our springs are stainless. So is the accelerator pump rod, the throttle linkage, choke plate, lever and more.
    • Beautiful investment cast stainless steel throttle and accelerator pump levers.
    • Correct pale chromate zinc treatment using the original Ford Service Bulletin process.
    • Original-style riveted throttle and choke shafts.
    • Extensive dyno and road tests have proved that it matches or exceeds original spec.
    • Also available with cable choke and/or LZ-push throttle options - to special order.
    Remember, like any carburetor, the Genuine Stromberg 97 needs proper installation and tuning for optimum performance. Every 97 comes with full installation instructions and further help is available at the Stromberg online Tech Center. Please remember to set your timing with the ported vacuum temporarily disconnected.

    Note: Original hand throttle parts are not included. If you need them, email us, as we can probably find you good used parts.