Specialty Parts for the Traditional Ford Enthusiast
  • Banjo fitting single end

    Linkage Fuel Line


    • Media polished stainless steel banjo
    • Recess lip on each side hides the gasket
    • Sized to fit both 5/16inch and 3/8inch hose
    • For safe clearance with 3x2 progressive linkage, add banjo spacer 9086K
    • Works perfectly with 9083k - double outlet version (pictured)
    • Fits both regular and BIG97s
    • Fully polished versions available

    How cool are these! For perfect proportions, we turn them from big diameter stainless steel with a recess lip on each side to hide the gasket and move the bolt head closer to the banjo. We keep the wrench surfaces short, knocked the corners off the hex and rounded the bolt head too. They're sized to fit both 5/16inch and 3/8inch hose, with plenty of fuel flow guaranteed. NOTE: To provide safe clearance with a 3x2 progressive linkage, banjo fittings must be used with our stainless banjo spacers (9086K). Will not provide clearance for progressive linkages on 6x2 systems. All direct linkages clear OK without spacers.